World Vision

World Vision is an international Christian relief and development nonprofit charitable organisation. It shares opportunities for involvement in a child-focused ministry that touches millions of people each year in its quest to end poverty, fight hunger and transform lives.

World Vision helps transform the lives of children and families in need around the world, without regard to religious beliefs, gender, race, or ethnic background. Faith fuels their work and supplies World Vision staff with wisdom and ability, and their donors with the resources they share, and enables their recipients to work toward the fulfilment of their dreams.

Every $30 you give will provide $150 worth of emergency food. Enough to feed 5 children. Find out how at World Vision. Click here.

Founded in 1950, World Vision is a Christian humanitarian organization, serving the world's poorest children and families in nearly 100 countries.

World Vision has played a key role in alleviating human suffering and saving lives in complex humanitarian emergencies throughout East Africa, in Liberia and Sierra Leone, in the Balkan Republics, and elsewhere. World Vision offers vocational and agricultural training for families to began learning to farm and earn money through small enterprises.

World Vision sponsorship is aimed at finding lasting solutions - not temporary, superficial remedies. That's why, after immediate necessities are met, long-term needs are addressed. If a child has only polluted water to drink, the best answer may be a new community well or other safe water source. If a child doesn't have proper food to eat, then helping the family with improved methods of growing crops provides a lasting solution.

Lack of education and disease are two immense obstacles that block the road to self-reliance for every child. That's why providing improved nutrition, health, and educational opportunities for sponsored children is a priority - for they are the tools that will enable a child to truly build a better future.

Many things a sponsored child needs - a school, medical clinic, or even a well - would not be affordable with the support of one sponsor alone. But by combining the resources of many sponsors, those community improvements become possible. This maximizing of funds allows doctors, teachers, agriculturalists, and Christian workers - along with necessary materials and technical equipment - to be available for the task of transforming a child's total living environment. What you could never do on your own can be accomplished through the partnership support of many sponsors acting together through World Vision.

There are a number of ways to donate to World Vision. These include sponsoring a child, selecting from a range of gift ideas, contributing to the Charitable Vision Fund, donating gifts-in-kind and donating your car, boat or RV.
World Vision is a charitable organisation so donations are tax-deductible.

For further information on World Vision, click here to find out how you can feed a child in need.




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