Expensive Wine

The finer wines are in great demand, but there is a relatively limited supply of it. Hence the expensive price of this wine. There are some regions of the world which consistently produce excellent grape crops, and in turn the finest wines. Regions such as Bordeaux is known for good (and therefor) expensvie wine.

However this isn't to suggest that grapes grown outside of this region will fail to produce good wines. In fact wines from other regions can be better. However until these other wines become as well-known, the price will not be as expensive. There are other key factors which influence the value of a particular wine. These include the skill of the vine grower and wine maker. Additionally, vines that already have developed a reputation for high quality will enjoy more demand for as yet unproved grape varieties.

If you know the particular type of expensive wine that will appeal to your recipient you should aim to purchase a wine matching those. However if you are not sure, your overriding aim should be to secure a wine which is delicious. Whether it is subtle, complicated or interesting, a wine which is delicious will always be appreciated.

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