Expensive Watch

The price of an expensive watch can range from hundred of dollars through to thousands of dollars, depending on your definition of the term. An expensive watch sets a man or woman apart from others - it makes them look special and also says that you think they are special.

In general, more expensive watches will actually have water resistance to a certain level underwater. Unfortunately many cheap watches feature markings on them such as 'WATER RESISTANT - 20ft' which implies the watch is water resistant to 20ft underwater. Not so. Many cheap watches regard the likes of '20ft' as a model number, so you are likely to find if you use these in water (other than activities such as washing the car), water will get inside them and spoil the components.

However with an expensive watch, this is simply not an issue. These watches have been precision engineered to withstand the pressures of water and have exceptionally good seals.

In terms of accuracy, there are often significant differences between a quartz and mechanical watch. Generally the accepted degree of accuracy for a mechanical watch in a given day is +6/-4 seconds each day. While that may sound like a lot, most watches will not lose or gain this much time. Even if they do, it is likely to be caused by slight changes in the gravitational pull of the earth. However over a series of days, these variations tend to cancel each other out, meaning the watch is likely to stay more accurate than a quartz watch.

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