Russian Culture

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union there has been considerable renewed interest in Russia's pre-Soviet past. For example, many books and works of art which were banned under the Soviet regime, are now for reading and viewing, meaning these works can now be properly admired and celebrated.

Since the collapse, Russia has become somewhat more Westernised. The following are a few pointers you may wish to observe when visiting the country:

- Water quality varies throughout different regions. You should err on the side of caution and only drink or brush your teeth with bottled water
- Crime rates have been gradually rising since the demise of the Soviet police state, however generally the country is safer than many American cities. Common precautions include not flaunting valuables and avoiding walking alone through city streets or parks at night.
- Tipping is increasingly becoming expected at restaurants. Depending on service you are expected to tip around 10-15%

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