Russian Art

There are several main fields of Russian Art. These include Icons and Architecture. Obviously Russia has also produced a large number of very notable painter, sculptors and the like.

The tradition of Icon Painting is unlike traditional painting that Westerners are accustomed to. Russian icon tradition are images intended to assist prayer - and are more concerned with conveying meditative harmony rather than depicting a real scene. Rather than sizing up the figure in an icon by judging its distortion level, take a look at the way the lines that compose the figure are arranged and balanced, the way they move your eye around. If you get the sense that the figures are a little haunting, that's good. They weren't painted to be charming but to inspire reflection and self-examination. If you feel as if you have to stand and appreciate every icon you see, you aren't going to enjoy any of them. Try instead to take a little more time with just one or two, not examining their every detail but simply enjoying a few moments of thought as your eye takes its own course. (Source:

At the end of the 19th century, the Russian modern art movement was developed. There was renewed interest in painting decorative Russian folk art forms, such as geometrical patterns with lines, shapes, and colour to construct rhythms and energetic forms.

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