Authentic Titanium Crowbar from Sovietski Collection: Treasures from a Bygone Era

The following Titanium Crowbar products are just a few samples of the range on offer at In addition to this product, they also offer a huge range of Russian and former Soviet union era collectibles, including timepieces, optics, instruments, Russia outdoor gear, antiques, wall art, books and music, treasures, spy equipment, jewelry, porcelain tableware, collectibles, badges and medals, coins, uniforms and apparel, decorative weaponry, along with posters, pennants and flags.
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Titanium crowbar

Titanium crowbar

Titanium stronger than steel, yet 30% lighter. It's also non-magnetic and chemically inert, so these tools are perfect for all those household chores. And, because they'll never rust, they're ideal for marine environments, too. (scuba divers and marine salvage operators swear by them). Not to be confused with the dinky little prybars sold elsewhere these babies are a whopping 22"e; long and built like a tank! But, at just 1.4 lbs., they're perfect for those "e;go light, move fast"e; tactical ops! Brand new. Lifetime warranty.

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