Authentic Red October Tea Glass Holders from Sovietski Collection: Treasures from a Bygone Era

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Red October tea glass holders, pair

Red October tea glass holders, pair

These tea glass holders (called "e;podstakanniki"e;, literally "e;under the glass"e;) are like those featured in the film. Remember the scene...the Admiral reading a letter from submarine captain Marco Ramius (Sean Connery), in which Ramius announces he's defecting with the USSR's latest nuclear sub? Stunned, the Admiral spills his tea! German silver (copper, zinc and nickel) base decorated with sterling silver and 18-karat gold plating. A Russian wood grouse, in bas-relief, on each. Regal, engraved crystal glass inserts. A wonderful gift, too!. Also available! Extra heat-tempered glass inserts #142189 And, etched crystal inserts. Perfect for juice/cocktails, too! #142059

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