Authentic Spetznaz Survival Machete from Sovietski Collection: Treasures from a Bygone Era

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Spetznaz survival machete

Spetznaz survival machete

Genuine, mil-spec, all-purpose survival tool, previously available only to elite Spetznaz Special Forces and Soviet A.F. pilots! Perfect for sportsmen, survivalists, climbers, pilots and parachutists. Great for police, fire, rescue personnel, too. A terrific gift for businessmen in the 21st century corporate jungle! And, perfect for your next camping trip, ditty bag or the trunk of your car. 15"e; long, with 10"e;, high carbon steel blade (our favorite for hefty chopping tools), 1 lbs. Machete, knife, shovel, hammer, ice pick/sewing needle, saw, prybar, ruler, navigational sight, parachute cord cutter, screwdriver, wrench and more! Serial numbered. Lifetime warranty!

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