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Soviet "Strizh" spacesuit

Genuine "Strizh" spacesuit, a.k.a. Sokol III, used in training by a Russian "Buran" space shuttle cosmonaut. '80s vintage. Tactical olive drab-colored nylon canvas with silver trim and rubberized cloth inner lining. Attached pressurized hood with hinged visor securing to anodized aluminum flange. Trussed sleeves with adjustable articulating cables in upper arm. Support sling wrapping from chest to back by means of webbed belts and metal harness. Pleated knees. Pressure gauge on left sleeve and pressure equalization valve on chest. Detachable gloves with rubber fingers and leather palms. Utility pockets on thighs designed for folding knife, Makarov pistol, extra magazine and other survival gear. Double V-front zip closure. Umbilical life support interfaces for electrical, air and coolant lines with attached cables, hoses and pin connectors. Serial numbered (GP-8M-11-1280013). This is Number 7 of just 18 Strizh spacesuits; Number 1 is on display at Moscow's famous Memorial Museum of Space Exploration. An extraordinary piece (just one, subject to prior sale). Designed for a cosmonaut from 5'3"-5'6". We've seen comparable suits in the leading auction house catalogues for much more!

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