Authentic Soviet / Russian Navy Captains Chronometer from Sovietski Collection: Treasures from a Bygone Era

The following Soviet / Russian Navy Captains Chronometer products are just a few samples of the range on offer at In addition to this product, they also offer a huge range of Russian and former Soviet union era collectibles, including timepieces, optics, instruments, Russia outdoor gear, antiques, wall art, books and music, treasures, spy equipment, jewelry, porcelain tableware, collectibles, badges and medals, coins, uniforms and apparel, decorative weaponry, along with posters, pennants and flags.
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Captain's chronometer, blond-finish

Captain's chronometer, blond-finish

These super-accurate, 56-hour chronometers are identical to those aboard Soviet and now Russian warships. Your choice of older units, straight off decommissioned ships (these are completely reconditioned, inside and out) or unissued chronometers (built from '95-'97 and complete with original factory test certificate). Each is a handcrafted engineering masterpiece. Swiss fuseé (chain-driven pulley) drive, 20 ruby-jewel, damascened, 24-karat gold-plated movement with real diamond endcap jewel, spring detent escapement, compensation balance and palladium helical spring (whew!). Movement sealed in solid brass housing with heavy beveled crystal cover (4½"e; diameter). Fully-gimbaled inside a three-tier carrying case with mahogany "e;piano"e; finish. Gold-plated hands. Serial-number, Cyrillic markings on dial. Inset second and 56-hour registers. Cover of inner case opens to display clock through glass-covered section, which also opens so you can wind or set clock. Inner case (7"e;x7"e;x7"e;) rests in 10"e;x10"e;x10"e; velvet-lined outer case, with own leather carrying strap and velvet protective cover. English instructions. Modeled after famous chronometers from Germany's Wempé (theirs are $15,800!) and America's Hamilton watch companies. Identical chronometer is featured in a leading catalog for $3,000! These are becoming increasingly difficult to obtain and our quantities are extremely limited. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.Also available, a few identical chronometers in mahogany-finished wood cases #200505

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