Authentic Sextant from Sovietski Collection: Treasures from a Bygone Era

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For thousands of years, sailors have navigated by the sun and stars. In 1699, Isaac Newton discovered the principle of measuring angles by double reflection and constructed an instrument to do so. Today, although navigation is done largely with GPS, no self-respecting mariner would be without a sextant. We found a handful of mil-spec Soviet-era sextants in a Navy supply depot. Modeled after units produced by Carl Plath of Hamburg, Germany (the Mercedes-Benz of sextants). Produced in `50s-`80s and in excellent condition, each complete with a 4x40 telescope, (shown) or with a Galiean/atronomical telescope (used for solar sightings), horizon/index mirrors, filters, micrometer scale. Complete with original wooden case. A must for any serious nautical instrument collector. We have just a few. Comparable sextants sold elsewhere for double our price. Colors may vary.

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