Authentic Russian Naval Parade Dress Dagger from Sovietski Collection: Treasures from a Bygone Era

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Naval Parade Dress Dagger

Naval Parade Dress Dagger

These rare Soviet naval officer's parade dress daggers (a.k.a. "e;dirks"e;) - 15 to 40 years old - are in excellent condition. 12"e; long, 8"e; double edged, mirror-polished blade with serial-number. Octagonal, ivory-colored handle has pommel emblazoned with hammer and sickle/star insignia. Leather sheath is accented with brass hardware, displaying marine anchor on one side and old-fashioned frigate at full sail on the other. Perfect addition to your nautical, military or knife collection! Or, keep one nearby in case you need to abscond with a Soviet nuclear submarine! Also Available! A few authentic and exceedingly rare Soviet-era Army and Air Force daggers, in same style. Army sheath shows five-pointed star with hammer and sickle on one side and Kremlin Tower on other (#200601); Rare A.F. sheath displays wings and Soviet A.F. insignia.(#200651)Belt for Parade Dagger w/Brass Buckle/Hangers (#200628)Officer's dress belt. Gold braided belt with brass soviet star buckle (#200900)

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