Authentic Petromax Hurricane Lantern from Sovietski Collection: Treasures from a Bygone Era

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Petromax hurricane lantern

Petromax hurricane lantern

Since 1910, Berlin's Ehrich & Graetz has been building Petromax pressurized kerosene lanterns. A favorite of the German Army for decades, they're so rugged and versatile they'll certainly be the last lantern you'll ever buy. Hand-assembled from 70+ precision parts. Solid brass, nickel-plated construction. Heat-treated, wind-resistant glass globe from the legendary Schott Glasswerks. Features you'll never find on ordinary lanterns (like leak-proof cap with pressure indicator and brass pressure regulator). 400 watts (500 candlepower) of brilliant light, so they're four times brighter than other pressurized lanterns (so bright, they're dubbed Britelyt). Will burn virtually any liquid fuel, including Coleman® white gas, kerosene, diesel oil, citronella oil (repels mosquitoes, too). A full 32 oz. tank will burn 8 hours at 400 watts or 16 hours at 200 watts. Includes removable light reflector, three silk mantles, funnel with built-in screen, instructions and 30-minute "e;Everything you wanted to know about lanterns and more"e; video. Ideal for that next camping trip or backyard get-together. Perfect for power outages/emergencies, too. Featured in a leading catalog for $250!Also Available! Spare mantles (4-pack). #208274Handy metal allloy stove adapter (lets your lantern work as a cooking stove, see above). #208275

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