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MiG Pilot's Pressure Suit

MiG Pilot's Pressure Suit

At 60,000', without this suit, a pilot's blood would boil! Our last remaining karka ("e;skeleton"e;) anti-decompression/anti-G suits. Standard issue to high-altitude MiG and Su pilots, who may zoom-climb their aircraft to 100,000', pulling 6 G's! Body-gripping fit and inflatable capstan tubes equalize blood pressure, a matter of life and death for pilots during ascent/descent. For space flights, laces provide snuggest possible fit, critical for cosmonauts who lose 7-10 lbs. on missions! Unissued. Includes carrying case. Only a few sizes available. Please specify above.Also Available! Soviet A.F. pilot's partial pressure pants (a.k.a. compression leggings), essential for keeping blood from flowing to lower parts of the pilot's body while he's pulling up to 6 G's. Leggings open at knees and have zippers at waist/leg seams and laces along inner thighs. Air pockets sewn in to calves and thighs made inflatable by means of an attached rubber capstan. Unissued.#200667.

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