Authentic MiG Pilot Helmet from Sovietski Collection: Treasures from a Bygone Era

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Zsh-5 MiG pilot helmet

Zsh-5 MiG pilot helmet

Own a complete Zsh-5 high-altitude helmet, like those currently worn by Russian MiG pilots. Heavily padded fiberglass shell coated in white enamel. Features KM-34 oxygen mask system, throat microphone, earphones built into soft inner helmet and pull down sun visor. Includes rubber bladder, which fits against back of pilot's head and is pressurized by O2; mask tightens against the face automatically as O2 pressure is increased. Much rarer than American fighter pilot helmets (themselves, increasingly difficult to find). In very good condition (some light wear on shell and visor). Serial-numbered. Pilot's name (in Russian) on many. Assorted sizes. Quantities limited. Special purchase - only $395! Be sure to check out our MiG Pilot Survival Suit and other Pilot's helmets as well in the Top Gun category!

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