Authentic MiG Pilot Anti-Exposure Suit from Sovietski Collection: Treasures from a Bygone Era

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MiG pilot's anti-exposure suit

MiG pilot's anti-exposure suit

Complete extreme cold-weather survival suits, in mint condition, are standard issue to MiG fighter pilots and remarkably similar to cosmonaut training suits. Insulated inner pressure suit with hoses, valves and cables for life support and communication. Orange, windproof nylon jumpsuit with thermal lining. Pressure locks and pressure collar, dual-zipper front, three utility pockets (zippered breast pocket for pilot's pistol), cinch belt and sewn-in feet. "e;Mae West"e; inflatable flotation device for water landings. Heavy leather laced jump boots, detachable gloves and carrying case included. Similar cosmonaut suit (flown, of course) auctioned for $100,000! Awesome collectible. Just a few, offered at a fraction of their real value ($7,500, per Russian Air Force procurement documents!). We only have a few sizes available, please specify above.

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