Authentic KGB Fotosniper Camera from Sovietski Collection: Treasures from a Bygone Era

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Genuine KGB

Genuine KGB "Fotosniper" camera

In East Berlin, a KGB operative waits atop a crumbling building. Finally, his quarry steps from the U.S. Embassy. With a gentle squeeze of the trigger, the KGB agent captures the CIA agent on film, blowing his cover. The legendary Fotosniper, designed by the Seventh Chief Directorate of the KGB (the "e;spy shop"e;), with rifle butt configuration for extra steady images. Powerful 300mm telephoto and handy 35mm lenses. Zenit 122s 35mm body. Five specialized light filters. Trigger release with shoulder strap. Metal alloy stock. Ideal for wildlife photography and sporting events. A must for any camera collector. Adapter for Pentax® K-style 35mm cameras included.

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