Authentic Georgian Dirk from Sovietski Collection: Treasures from a Bygone Era

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Georgian dirk

Georgian dirk

These light and quick dirks are identical to those used by Georgian warriors defending against foreign invasions (including the one by Ghengis Kahn's Mongol hordes in the 13th century). Also known as kinjal, they were used as a knife, hatchet and even a corkscrew. Sheaths and handles from forged "e;German Silver,"e; decorated with gilding, intricate engraving and adorned with jewels/polished stones. Hand-hammered by master artisans in Tbilisi, near the Black Sea. No two exactly the same. Awesome workmanship (dozens of man-hours go into each!). Extraordinary hanging/display pieces. 14"e; w/9"e; highly polished stainless steel blade.Also Available! Full-length, Georgian saber with 30"e; highly polished stainless steel, curved blade. Scabbard and hilt forged from "e;German silver"e; and decorated with jewels and polished stones. An extraordinary hanging/display piece. 36"e; total length. 3lbs. #200627

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