Authentic East Germany Military Field Phone from Sovietski Collection: Treasures from a Bygone Era

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East German mil-spec field phone

East German mil-spec field phone

These "e;point-to-point wire communication links"e; operate like standard phones. But because wire links are difficult to tap or monitor, they're much more secure. 101 applications, like communicating around the ranch, with garages/barns, on hunting/camping trips and in paintball battles! Perfect for any emergency/natural disaster. Great for Y2K! The ultimate executive/secretary intercom system, too! Maximum range 15-20 miles. Transmitting and receiving is one continuous function. Turning hand-crank generator on one phone rings another. 25-30 years old but in excellent condition. "e;Alpha-Zulu"e; notations on lid, in German, prove their pedigree. An extraordinary collectible. Each 11"e;x8"e;x3"e;;. 22lbs./pr. Batteries included. (Phones use 4.5 volt battery or three 1.5 volt batteries.) Field/tactical wire sold separately (#206208).This item requires an additional $7 for standard shipping within the Continental U.S.

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