Authentic Border Guard Binoculars from Sovietski Collection: Treasures from a Bygone Era

The following Border Guard Binoculars products are just a few samples of the range on offer at In addition to this product, they also offer a huge range of Russian and former Soviet union era collectibles, including timepieces, optics, instruments, Russia outdoor gear, antiques, wall art, books and music, treasures, spy equipment, jewelry, porcelain tableware, collectibles, badges and medals, coins, uniforms and apparel, decorative weaponry, along with posters, pennants and flags.
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Giant Border-Guard binoculars w/tripod

Giant Border-Guard binoculars w/tripod

If you have an ocean, mountain or city view home/office these are for you! (Great for yacht owners, astronomers, ranchers and the rest of us, too!) Built in Siberia to rigorous mil-specs and identical to those used at border guard stations throughout the Iron Curtain. Brand new, in custom, dovetail, wooden case, complete with yoke mount and a full-height, varnished wooden tripod (a $195 value). They magnify 15 times. Enormous 110mm (4.5"e;) objective lenses, BAK-4 prisms, precision-ground, multi-coated, achromatic optics and perfectly round exit pupils. Outstanding optical quality, phenomenal edge to edge image definition and superb color fidelity. Field of view an amazing 6 deg. (300 ft. at 1,000 yds.). Great for wide-angle astronomical applications! Ocular lenses tipped 45 deg. for ergonomic viewing. Swivels a full 360 deg. and 125 deg. vertically. Operates flawlessly in a wide range of temps (-58F to +122F). Loaded with features like oversized, individually focusing diopters, reticle scales with rangefinder, interpupillary adjustment, slide-out sun shades, objective/ocular lens covers, top headrest. Filter set, canvas cover and original factory docs. Anti-fogging desiccant inside. Anti-corrosive body and paint. Serial-numbered. Three-year warranty. Similar German/Japanese giant binoculars cost thousands more. Hundreds of satisfied customers... from Alaska to New Zealand! Your satisfaction guaranteed or your money back! Ideal for security, lifeguards and other public safety/land management applications! Great for yacht clubs, hunting lodges and star parties, too! Special volume programs available for government agencies. Binocs 16"e;x23"e;x14"e;, 46 lbs. (21 kg). Shipping weight, 100 lbs. (45 kg).Metal Pedestal (48"e;, 36 lbs.) #203901U.S. Army Zipper-Front Bag (an ideal protective cover) #203904 (Please add $45 to the standard delivery charge for binoculars with tripod, $60 for metal pedestal only. Add $105 for binoculars with metal pedestal and $10 for tripod.)Attention Photographers! Full height, mil-spec tripods, olive drab green in color. Canvas carrying strap. Leather tie-downs. 40"e; long, 60"e; fully extended. 13 lbs. Compare at $300-$400! #206268

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