Authentic Aviator Silk Escape Maps from Sovietski Collection: Treasures from a Bygone Era

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Aviator's silk escape maps

Aviator's silk escape maps

These maps, issued by the British War Office during the Cold War, are printed in color on both sides using a special ink that won't bleed, even when wet. 1:100,000 scale with geopolitical and topographical info, pointers on military targets of opportunity and language tips. 40-50 years old and in perfect, unissued condition. Suitable for framing. Choose from these silk aviator escape maps (please specify):Ankara/Sinop 23"e;x25"e;Baku/Rasht 24"e;x25"e;Java/Sumatra 24"e;x40"e;Kharkov/Rostov 26"e;x22"e;Stockholm-Riga/Oslo 24"e;x38"e;Tabriz/Tblisi 23"e;x25Also Available! Rare 80's vintage reprints of WWII battle maps. Printed in Russian, in full-color. Two 44"e;x29"e; sections. #200716

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