Authentic Arithmometer from Sovietski Collection: Treasures from a Bygone Era

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In the `30s-`40s, these pinwheel-type mechanical adding machines (a.k.a. arithmometers) were fixtures in banks, accounting offices and stores. Progress brought electronic calculators, then computers. Very few of the old machines survived. We rescued a few and restored them to their original condition. Russian markings, including CCCP, plainly visible on each. Dubbed "e;Felix"e; (after Felix Dherzhinskiye, founder of the Checka - which ultimately became the infamous KGB - and the factory that made these beauties). Hundreds of tiny gears inside - the precision operation will amaze you. Great accent piece for home, office or lobby, whether you're a banker, accountant, Wall Street exec or collector of vintage artifacts. 12"e;x5"e;x5"e;. 10 lbs. Quantities limited.

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