Authentic Antique Russian Diving Helmet from Sovietski Collection: Treasures from a Bygone Era

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"Desantnik" diving helmet

These old-fashioned copper "e;hard-hat"e; diving helmets were originally constructed for Russian Navy Special Forces, who required protection from the extraordinary pressure (up to 7 atmospheres) incurred on extreme-depth dives of 200'. We rescued a few from a Navy surplus warehouse in St. Petersburg. Most are in perfect/unissued condition and arrived coated in the original cosmoline grease, which protects the metal from tarnishing. We have hand-polished them and, in time, they'll develop a beautiful patina. Front and dual side windows with rubber gaskets and brass frames. Approximately 19"e; high and 44"e; in circumference. Weighs a massive 32 lbs. Three 1"e; diameter bolts connect the helmet to the 58"e; circumference neck/shoulder mounting platform. Quantities extremely limited.(This item requires an extra $10 for shipping in the Continental U.S.)

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