Authentic Antique Brass Samovar from Sovietski Collection: Treasures from a Bygone Era

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Antique brass samovar

Antique brass samovar

One look at these authentic, 19th century brass samovars and you'll want to sit around the table, drinking tea and talking for hours! Memories of your parents and grandparents will come flooding back. Evenings with friends and family will become your fondest future memories. Your samovar will become the centerpiece of your table (if not your home) and a cherished family heirloom. We've spent years (and millions of rubles) negotiating with countless bureaucrats to secure the plethora of permits, licenses and approvals required to export these. Made at the famous Batashev factory in Tula, many with embossed award medallions. We don't have many to sell and when they're gone, there's no assurance we'll have them again. Hand-polished and aesthetically restored but otherwise in original condition (no two exactly the same). Choice of pot-shaped, turnip-shaped, onion-shaped and fluted/conical styles. Central tube was filled with wood or charcoal which heated the surrounding water. Intended for decorative use only. A variety of styles available, please choose above.Attention Collectors! Don't miss our modern chrome steel and enameled samovars! #142250.

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