Authentic 8 Power Russian Spy Monocular from Sovietski Collection: Treasures from a Bygone Era

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8 Power Spy Monocular

8 Power Spy Monocular

Originally made for the KGB and counter-intelligence agencies, these 8-power monoculars use fully-coated, mil-spec optics, yet are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand! Only 4 oz. and just 3"e;! Prismatic lens system provides extraordinarily clear, stable image when viewing distant objects (5 degree field of view, 6.3mm objective) on hunting or camping trips, at sporting events, concerts, nature hikes or those covert missions (great for spying on your friends, too!). Rugged, all metal construction. Serial number and cyrillic markings. Turn upuside down and use as a magnifying glass (ideal for numismatists, philatelists, engineers, geologists, biologists, etc.). Available in blue, black, gray and khaki/green. (Make notation of selection in comments section of basket/order form) Comparable German units $100 and up! Lifetime warranty.Normally $29!"e;A scant four ounces and produced to military specs!"e; - Soldier of Fortune"e;Great glass...exceptionally crisp"e; - Shooting Industry

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