Expensive Gifts Guide

Sometimes it is right to locate an expensive gift. The following guide hopes to give a few suggestions on what appropriate gifts may be. Naturally though, all of the suggestions will not be appropriate for everyone. However if you are having difficulty locating the ideal gift, we hope this guide will be of advantage to you. If you have any questions on any of the suggestions we have made, or are looking for further suggestions please do not hesitate to contact us on gifts@netrap.com.

In particular it is often necessary to find a good gift for a birthday party, ideally the sooner this is done the better. If you are wishing to locate an expensive gift the following are some suggestions:

  • Always shop at a store which is able to exchange the gift should it turn out to be unsuitable
  • Bear in mind delivery times for online stores - it is critical that you receive the gift on time so you can hand it onto your recipient at the right occasion
  • Attempt to select a gift which will likely appeal to your intended recipient. Although this is very obvious advice, we are aware of a number of cases where people have purchased gifts which bear no relevance to their recipient

The most typical expensive gifts are watches and fine wine. Each of these gift suggestions is discussed further on other pages.

The following are some additional suggestions. Obviously if you are out to get an expensive gift, you won't go looking at the normal stores. Such a gift needs to be unique, or a high calibre, of fine quality and most importantly, suitable for the recipient.

The following are some merchants who stock a range of suitable gifts:
Bonsai Boy of NY
Sovietski Collection
The Sharper Image Europe

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