Expensive Gifts Guide

Sometimes We all experience it eventually. A birthday is coming up for your mother / brother / husband / girlfriend and you urgently need a present for them. But surprise - you are plumb out of ideas.

This is where the Expensive Gifts Guide really comes into play. We catalogue a series of different birthday gift ideas, for the recipient who already has everything. You may wish to further investigate these possibilities:

Coasters : Nobody can ever have enough of these. Existing ones continually get battered, the edges peel and the surface usually bubbles up after a time. Coasters, or even a full on placemat set are always a present which the recipient will always have a use for - unless of course they do not mind about round marks that hot coffee mugs make on their oak tabletop.

Swiss Army Knives : Always a great present for the budding MacGyver. Pocket knives are not only versatile and useful, but also very cool. Available in many styles, their list of features is endless. When buying a pocket knife remember two things: buy a genuine Swiss article, and the knife is razor sharp.

Garden Gnomes : Garden pieces crafted from stone, whether they are gnomes or fountains, are a masterpiece and feature for any garden. Always ensure that the colour and style the stone creation matches that of the surrounding garden.

Bonsai Tree: What better, more permanent environmentally-friendly way to say 'Happy Birthday'. A prized Bonsai tree makes the perfect gift for the person who has it all.

Gumball Machine : There is a great deal of fun to be had from ones own gumball machine. Purchase one which requires money for it to operate, because the recipient will then forever feel as if they have earned the gumball, after depositing the coin in the slot.

Their favorite 80's album : Scour the record shops for the recipients favourite 80's band, and present them not only the obscure album, but a set of 80's heirlooms such as shoulder pads and leg warmers.

Cuckoo Clock : An excellent way to liven your recipients wall. However this present is not good for a recipient who lives in a reasonably confined area, say an apartment, because the baying of the cuckoo at 2 am in the morning would drive many people to despair.

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